At Sicor Schneider, we focus on providing a one-stop professional service, which includes.


“Designing and Problem-solving”
We have a team of design experts and professional engineers to help provide our customers with the best solution, including re-designing hoist way, consultation service, project and specifications planning, data analysis as well as tools model and structural planning to perfectly match each building type and at the same time presenting modern yet elegance image.

Structural Work

“Structural Management and Installation”
We have a highly experienced team for providing installation service, including professional engineers to direct and monitor every step of the process to ensure highest efficiency in terms of strength and safety.

Maintenance Service

“Maintenance and Inspection”
At Sicor Schneider, we offer reliable and safe maintenance and inspection solutions for our customers that does not only help save time but also costs. We are complete with lift components and gears as well as competent customer service teams for providing prompt emergency response and systematically summarize performance after each maintenance service.

Renovation Service

“System Improvement and Decoration”
We have a team of experts to provide consultation service for lift renovation in terms of interior decoration and more stabilized control system.